I made a little booklet of cats this week. They’re maybe 5×3″ (vertical, double that for horizontal). The paper is awfully thin, so you can see the pictures on the other side (though I tried to avoid drawing on the backs of other images, it happened).

Overall I feel like I learned a few things in this little experiment. If you couldn’t tell (aha), I used a small set of children’s markers. I actually really like how the color came out! I was inspired by a lot of (apparently all Japanese) artists I keep seeing on Pinterest, like Behance, Mirko Hana’k, Miroco Machiko, and Machiko Kaeda. It’s nice to know my love of cats is hereditary.

Since I don’t have a scanner in China, these are taken on the balcony with my phone. Luckily I picked the time exactly when the sun was out for five minutes today.


2 thoughts on “Cats

  1. These guys all look absolutely great~
    I love the colours and your style of drawing looks so fun and carefree.


    1. Thanks so much đŸ™‚ I was trying not to be detail oriented. That seems to always get me when drawing any figure.


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